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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Is No Sarah Palin

Well, yes, she meets the mere constitutional standards: she is over 35 and has a pulse. But does he have a brain? Does she even have an idea what a Senator does?
The only requirement the Democrat Party cares about is whether Madam Kennedy has the money to buy votes
And will Tina Fey do a skit about Ms Kennedy?
I'm sure that Caroline thinks she is entitled to the senate seat because of her father, but that just don't fly.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his chief of staff, have been arrested

the entire edifice of “Chicago politics” is so utterly and grotesquely corrupt that Blagojevich simply doesn’t perceive he was doing anything wrong. Business as usual. Of course that’s no excuse for these brazen shocking anti-American actions.

If a republican candidate had emerged from a similar cesspool as the “Chicago Machine” which Obama emerged from, we would already be reading about impeaching the President Elect before he assumes office. But since it’s the Anointed One, the Press won’t link or associate their darling with the human sewage with which he played, or the sewer from which he emerged and comfortably swam in for many years. That same sewer spawned all the Rezkos, the Blagojeviches, the Ayerses, the Rev. Wrights, the Farakhans, the Khalidis, the Fr. Flaegers,and Hillary Clinton but the American Press will refuse to make the obvious linkages with Obama and his cabal, for that would be “playing the ‘guilt by association’ game”, wouldn’t it?

America has been betrayed.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Barney Frank Is A Uncouthed MORON

Auto execs drive awayfrom Congress empty-handed
Associated Press,
Washington - - After a tough two days that saw them pitied, lectured and scolded, America's auto bosses drove away from the U.S. Capitol on Friday uncertain what -- if any -- help they will receive to avoid catastrophic collapse. ''Please leave. Right now. Go,'' Democratic Rep. Barney Frank ordered the chief executives of General Motors Corp, Ford Motor Co and Chrysler.
I can't begin to tell you all just how furious I get just seeing Barney Frank's face on TV

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I guess that a Democrat can do NO wrong?

Pelosi 'Pledge' to Keep Charlie Rangel.
Charles Rangel said yesterday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised him he will keep his chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee as long as he wants - even though investigators haven't completed their report on ethical allegations facing the Harlem Democrat. "She told me I am her chairman of the Ways and Means Committee as long as I want to be," Rangel boasted! Yes he Boasted!
So much for ethics, honor, and integrity.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hillary Our New Secretary of State ~ What Nonsense

Shes a liar- (snipergate in Bosnia) - will be conducting foreign policy - no credibility from the start. She did flunk the DC Bar and she could not get a recommendation after watergate because the attorney responsible felt she had behaved unethically - there is pattern here and it is not conducive to the position. What does she have on Obama? Will Bill take her Senate seat? Will we ever be rid of the perjurer, pervert and his fellow partner in crime? They keep putting lipstick on the PIAPS and she keeps getting promoted - why? I can see big trouble ahead for the U.S.

Pakistan's Tribal Areas

For years a kind of death industry has been taking hold in Pakistan's tribal areas. There are hundreds of Koranic schools which could better be described as cadet schools for Islamists. Boys as young as five are sent here by their impoverished parents. The state provides hardly any free education; the schools that exist are poorly equipped. Children learn the Koran by heart in Arabic, often without understanding a word. After all they speak Pashtun, not Arabic.The idea is to condition or brainwash them. The goal is jihad. As young men these warriors are given military training which underscores their so-called spiritual training.Anyone who doubts the existence of this death-machinery can visit the hundreds of schools just a few hours' drive from Quetta, near Afghanistan's border. To get there one has to pass checkpoints and roadblocks erected by the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency. The ISI carefully protects this region, which might be described as an extended barracks for jihad, interspersed with rural villages.
Why? No one in Islamabad seems willing to answer that question.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

One Of The Worst Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Last week's tragic and deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, serve, sadly, as just the most recent reminder of the impact global terrorism has had on every continent and nation around the world. While the face of terror often carries a different banner and agenda, the symbolic, emotional and fatal impact it can have on a civilian population is undeniable.
Over seven years removed from the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, the incident in Mumbai increasingly resembles a bookend of sorts in the chronology of global terrorism. Much like the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, New York City represented not only a logistically ideal, civilian-dense target right on America's coastline, but a symbolic strike against American capitalism and finance. Much like New York City, Mumbai stands as a symbol of diversity and freedom in a country often plagued by sectarian divisions and strife. Crown jewels in two of the world's largest and most prosperous democracies.
There have been far too many terrorist attacks since 9/11, and to limit such a list to only five was no easy task. Many lives have been lost; relics, buildings and temples of worship left in rubble.
ALL of these can be directly blamed on MUSLIMS.
None are in the U.S. Thank-You George W.Bush, and the men and women under his command and our allies.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to cancel cable!

There's a brand-new poll out called ''American Attitudes on Religion, Moral Values and Hollywood.'' Its main findings, according to a press release, are that a majority of Americans (61 percent) believes that their religious values are ''under attack.'' A similar majority (59 percent) believes the people who run TV and the movies ''do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans.
Canceling "Ellen" woul be a good start along the new Rosie show.
I don't believe in censorship, however I do believe that Christianity is under attack and that Hollywood is doing it's best to undermine morals. When the Calf was little we did censor the things he was allowed to watch and read-he and his wife are doing the same with their children. I believe that it's our responsibility to guide our children through the landmines until they are old enough to understand for themselves.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama’s Call for Community Service!

We do not need the Messiah telling us how to contribute to our community !. Exactly how has his life been a model of self sacrifice and contribution? So far all we know is he associates with terrorists and other questionable people and that his beliefs about community organizing are ALL about furthering his political ambition. Show me one example of how he has personally EVER helped anyone!! We know you cannot because this guy is a total hypocrite!!

Schumer and Frank are Idiots

Americans are the blithering idiots. The Dems created most all of the problems we now find ourselves in and guess what? The American people voted the Dems MORE power and blamed the Republicans. I don't even recognize this country anymore. Chuck Schumer is a complete imbecile, Barney Frank should be going to jail and instead we hear how the Dems are going to investigate President Bush. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture? I can, it's called the ignorance and stupidity of the American people! The people that create the disaster are touted as hero's while the people that warned of it are blamed for the disaster. Elections have consequences

And they call the Republicans racists?

I am dissappointed that McCain did not win but, I fought the good fight of faith and was hope filled and that is all I can do.
With all the democrats voting for their Obama democrat and with 95% of the blacks voting for Obama because he as black skin is why he won.
I will continue not to trust or embrace O’Bamasince his friendship record with the haters/antiAmerican people like Jeromiah Wright, Ayers, Dorn, Farakan, Flagger, Rezko etc. are proven.
Fasten your seat belts America “it is going to be a bumpy ride”!!!
Yes, 95% of the blacks voting for Obama because he as black skin. And they call the Republicans racists?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sometimes a joke is just a joke.

In regard to the Nancy Reagan comment during Pres-Elect Obama’s first news conference.
Obamas joke didnt bother me at all except it would have been funnier if he got his punchline right; Nancy was into astrology, Hillary was the one that was seancing with Elanor Roosevelt.
Although the remark was classless and snide (in other words, normal for Obama), I’m not inclined to give him grief over it. I’ll save it for when he and the Democrats really start screwing the country.
Oh, wait, they already did that when they brought us the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
I thought Obama was going to be the President of all of us, bring us all together, usher in a new era, new understanding, quit the old politics of division, change the way things are done. But right away he attacks old people, attacks a Republican first lady, attacks people who favor astrologists, people who believe in other wordly things. He’s such a liar. Such a divider. So full of BS. I’m so dissappointed. Why doesn’t he resign so we can really move on. He can use this opportunity to show us how it is done. Make a blunder, resign. Show some leadership. I for one am becoming sick of him already.
But sometimes a joke is just a joke.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Joe Biden Just a Heartbeat Away

If the MSM had paid Joe Biden half the attention they paid Sarah Palin during the campaign, there’s no doubt people would be wondering if the soon-to-be-former longtime Delaware Senator were a drag on his party’s ticket. Remember the stories before the mortgage meltdown that he was going to find an excuse to step down from the Democratic ticket on October 5 to make way for Hillary Clinton?
Joe Biden makes more gaffes the average week than Sarah Palin made in the entire campaign. Take out just Palin’s interview with Katie Couric, and you could say that Biden made more gaffes per speech than the Alaska Governor made in the entire campaign. And he had thirty-six years of “experience.”

Monday, November 10, 2008

Remember Our Veterans.

Despite our new president elect, we as citizens must continue to show our thanks and appreciation to our fighting men and women.We owe them so much, the choose to serve us the people, not the president. Though I am sure we will see a drop in enlistment and reenlistment in the next four years.
Unfortunately, with the election of Obama/Biden, I think those veterans and military personnel are going to see less of that, less honor for their service, less empathy for their sacrafice… and we need look no farther this week than uber-liberal, fellow-leftie, anti-military Phil Donahue and his wing of the Democrat Party for what’s likely in store… it’ll begin with trumpeting the failures of America, the horrific impact of war on 1-2 soldiers and then lead to indicting the soldiers and brass who prosecuted the WOT.
We’ll be transported back to the post-VietNam days and guys like Bill Ayers and Phil Donahue will be high-fiving the Commander in Chief and Jane Fonda will be sacked out in the Lincoln bedroom. It’s a topsy-turvey world.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The GOP Needs to Rebuild

If the Republicans manage to get their act together, by recruiting better candidates and coming up with a competitive and distinctive message, they can get back in the game. That’s what Republicans did between 1976 and 1980 and between 1964 and 1968. And in each of those cases they were even further in the hole than they are now.

The GOP Needs to Rebuild

If the Republicans manage to get their act together, by recruiting better candidates and coming up with a competitive and distinctive message, they can get back in the game. That’s what Republicans did between 1976 and 1980 and between 1964 and 1968. And in each of those cases they were even further in the hole than they are now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama will be my president and yours. If he governs as he has voted in the Senate, I will criticize his policies, but will understand he puts those policies forward in the national interest.
It looks like Obama will win with a popular-vote margin of about five points, decisive, but not a landslide. He is the first non-incumbent Democrat in seventy-six years to break 51% of the popular vote, being only the fifth member of his party to win a majority of the popular vote since the Civil War. Pretty impessive.
Barack Obama had the right slogan for the times, “change.” John McCain’s slogan, “Country First,” didn’t really capture the popular imagination. Perhaps, he should have run on reform, a word which has career and that of his running mate and would likely have defined his Administration had he won.
That said, given all Obama’s advantages, the financial crisis in the midst of the campaign, the media bias, his fundraising advantage, his ground game, right now it doesn’t look like a realigning election.
Should, however, the president-elect govern effectively, the election of 2008 could be a harbinger of realignment.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why John McCain?

Why McCain?
My reasons for voting, not just for McCain, but also against Obama, are almost all premised upon two basic belief systems I hold:
(1) As a general matter, that federal government is best which governs least;
And (2) that country is safest which has a strong military and is willing to use it in its own defense. With those principles in mind, here's my laundry list of reasons for favoring McCain over Obama.1. National Security. While Obama has run from the subject for a long time now, he had made it clear through his own speeches and those of his surrogates that he wishes to do two things that will turn America into a wounded deer, lying there to be savaged by rapacious scavenger nations. First, he intends to remove America instantly from Iraq, despite the fact that we're finally winning. While we all understand that even the best commanders sometimes have to conduct a strategic retreat ("he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day"), it's insane to back out of a fight that one is winning. I don't think it's ever been done at any place in any time. Second, at a time when America is disliked by her friends and loathed by her foes, he wishes to slash the military. He seems to be clueless that, in the real world, you first get people to become your allies, and only then do you lower your defenses.McCain understands that the best defense is the promise that, should anyone attack you, you can and will go powerfully on the offensive. His fundamentally cheerful personality makes it clear that he's not out there looking for trouble but if trouble looks for him, he's ready.In that regard, I have to say that I find it amusing that all the good liberals at my martial arts dojo, the ones who are desperate to unilaterally disarm America, are assiduously training themselves to be strong in case of an unexpected personal attack on the street. It baffles me that they can recognize at a personal level that the strength and training they're developing will not turn them into killing machines, but merely keep them safe; but are unable to extend that basic principle to a national standard.In any event, McCain's entirely successful take on the surge should in itself demonstrate that he understands warfare in the modern era and is the one most likely to be able to protect America from her stated and violent enemies.2. The economy. Neither Obama nor McCain is an economist. Neither understands the minute ebb and flow of the economy. That's fine. We're not electing an economist in chief. But each does have a view of the government's role in the marketplace, and this view will definitely affect the economy.Obama wants to push out individuals and make the state the major player in the market place. How? Redistributive taxes. He wants to take more and more money away from people who have earned it, not simply to fund basic government program such as defense and infrastructure, but to give it to people whom he thinks deserve it. He doesn't believe in a fluid, flexible, reactive marketplace that rewards initiative and hard work. He trusts only the government, which doesn't reward action and initiative, but merely distributes pay based on a victim hierarchy.Fine, you say, but what does this have to do with the economy? Everything.The government does not make money; it only spends money. When you suck money out of the marketplace, there's less to go around, and you create infinitely smaller incentives for the entrepreneurs who create products and jobs. And aside from the lack of incentive, punitive taxes that benefit people who haven't earned money provide a strong disincentive for workers and entrepreneurs. Why should I think, and risk, and create, and sweat, if it's just going to go to the guy who whined about the fact that life is hard? News flash: Life is hard and life is unfair.In a large, heterogeneous society, it makes sense for the government to provide a safety net for those who cannot possibly succeed economically (the aged, the ill, the handicapped), just as it does to provide a safety net for productive people who have fallen on hard times. However, it drains the economy dry to suck money out of the productive segment of the economy only to divvy it up amongst those who feel entitled for no other reason than their identity. Even Obama figured this out when he said at the start of the market's problems that he wouldn't put his tax changes into effect (and, mark you, at that time he'd only been admitting to tax "refunds" made on the backs of small businesses) because it would harm the economy. Well, duh!Fast forward to John McCain. McCain also can't talk economic tech talk, but he understands that people, not government, make money, and make jobs, and have ideas, and show initiative. He understands that, when it comes to the marketplace, the government's job isn't to take over, but to police. It's job is to make sure people don't cheat or abuse their privileges.In that regard, one of my favorite books in the world, To Serve Them All My Days, tells the story of life in a small public boys school in England between the world wars. I mention it here because the wise old headmaster has a good policy. Rather than myriad rules than simply invite evasion, he operates the school on a single principle: "Few rules but unbreakable." This would be an excellent rule for the marketplace, too. Figure out the big cheating problems, and slam down on them. Then see what else flows from that.3. The judiciary. Do you like judges to make it up as they go along, depending on their emotional response to the parties before them? Each judge gets to decide if any given party is a good guy or a bad guy, or if the party belongs to a class of good guys or bad guys. Oh, I almost forgot! The judge also gets to define what constitutes "good" and "bad."If you think that's the appropriate way to run a judiciary that will result in fair rules of law and the reliable application of laws so that individuals and businesses can make future plans, then Obama is the guy for you. Not only is he a member of a political party that believe that judges are uniquely situated to make these kinds of personal decisions, he has also stated that he believes Supreme Court justices should be guided by empathy, not law. And as you all know, we recently learned that he thinks the courts should be used as instruments of economic redistribution of wealth.If, however, you believe that judges are to apply the law equally to all parties before them, regardless of the judge's personal response to any given party, and if you believe that a judge's role is to interpret law, not to make law, McCain is definitely the guy for you. While not as pure as one would wish, there is no doubt, absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that his judiciary will be more of a strict constructionist and less of an activist judiciary than Obama's.By the way, one thing about judges: they're all former lawyers. If you think lawyers are scuzzy (and so many Americans do), why in the world would you want to vest all your trust in judges who are, after all, just lawyers? (Incidentally, let me remind that Obama is also a lawyer).4. Abortion. The abortion issue is actually a subset of the judiciary issue. Despite all the screaming about the fact that Sarah Palin is pro-Life (and she actually walks the walk, rather than just talking the talk), the bottom line is that the president doesn't set abortion policy (nor, of course, does the VP). The only thing a president does that affects abortion is appoint judges.A strict constructionist judge, one who sees the line between adjudicating and legislating, will honestly admit that Roe v. Wade made up a constitutional right where none exists. A strict constructionist judge will then say that, since there is no constitutional (i.e., federal) right, abortion must be decided either by the states or by constitutional amendment. Most states would continue to keep abortion legal, some states would limit it, and one or two might do away with it altogether.There is no doubt but that McCain would appoint judges who wouldn't expand federal abortion rights (since they don't exist in the constitution) and who might in fact limit federal abortion rights (since they don't exist in the constitution). And there is no doubt that Obama, who refused to vote on a law that would allow live-born aborted babies to receive care, would not appoint those judges.5. Freedom of speech. The evidence of your own eyes should convince you that Obama and his party are not committed to free speech. I'll give you a few examples. You can provide the rest.First of all, there's the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which demands that radio stations give equal time to alternative political views, and then insists that the government determine what views get this time. Keep in mind, by the way, that the people advocating this doctrine also contend that NPR, the New York Times, The New Yorker, the Washington Post, ABCNBCCNNCBSMSNBC, etc., all have no actual political view -- they are, say the Fairness Doctrine advocates, impartial reporters of the news. It's only such nefarious sources as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Fox, Hugh Hewitt, etc., who purvey "biased" material that cannot be allowed to sully American ears, and that must be reduced by 50% (making it unprofitable, of course, for radio stations to carry them in the first place).Suffice to say that, if Obama is president and a Democratic Congress passes the Fairness Doctrine into law, he'll sign the bill with pleasure. If McCain is president, and if the bill isn't veto proof, I can guarantee you he'll veto that bill.There are less than about 12 hours left to the election. The media wants to tell you that this election should be Obama's because he's pretty and speaks well and has a calm temperament and, while we're not supposed to talk about race, he's of a race that will make the whole world happy and let us pat ourselves on our collective backs for being so open-minded. The media, of course, is wrong. This race is about incredibly important issues that will, at the least, affect us for years, and at the most (and worst) change America forever.Even if you're no huge McCain fan because he's not conservative enough, or you're one of those Ivy League conservatives who thinks that Palin isn't "one of us," none of that should matter right now. In a vote between Obama and McCain, for those who cherish freedom from an intrusive federal government and who believe that the federal government's most vital role is national security, the choice should be clear: VOTE FOR MCCAIN

Election 2008 Is Finally Here

According to Obama, wealth isn't for creating. It's for spreading around, i.e., plundering — until it's all gone. Moonbattery converted the industrial Midwest into the Rust Belt within a generation. Let's hope we never find out how long it would take Obama to convert the whole country into Zimbabwe.
Point in case, the other day when Obama KICKED 3 Republican reporters off of his airplane. Is that the kind of fairness what we can expect? I guess it is.
Liberty, as far as I'm concerned, is always enhanced when choice is increased. Given the behavior of the MSM choice has indeed been the winner. The bad news for the MSM is that once the lack of credibility box of has been opened, it is darned hard to close again.
Barack Obama is a creature of the far left wing and thus, he's pacifistic; he puts minimal value on freedom around the world, and being an American means very little to him. But the power does.
However, Americans who vote have every bit as much right not to have their vote cancelled out by fraud, illegal aliens, felons, people registered to vote in more than one place, and the Democrats' other tactics -- as they do to vote in the first place.
You vote illegally? You should go to jail. You vote in two places? You should go to jail. ACORN? A significant percentage of the people in that organization should be breaking big rocks into smaller rocks for the next ten years in a federal penitentiary.
PS: If you're voting, I hope you're pulling the level for McCain/Palin if only so that you can slap one of those "Don't blame me, I voted for McCain" bumper stickers on your car if Obama gets in and starts methodically ruining the country.

Monday, November 3, 2008

How Stupid Can People Get?

The 2008 race for the Democratic nomination for the presidency looks like a classic pursuit of the Moron Vote. This seems crude to say, so perhaps we should call it the "mentally challenged vote" or the "clueless vote".
Why do I term it so? Consider where the winning Democratic candidate, Barak Obama, stands on issues most Americans care about. In numerous cases he takes positions that seem based on the assumption that voters are idiots, or else those positions show a serious lack of understanding on his part. On second thought - and in the interest of striking a blow at political correctness - let's stick with the title as-is.
But then again we find people like the one that runs the blog below...

A Conservative that won't vote at all because of principles. So they sit home and that vote that may have helped John McCain, swings to the side of barack Obama.
Am I so blind, Is it me or what? But isn't the bigger picture meant to keep a Marxist Anti-Semite Racist Creep like Barack Obama and his bunch of Commies like Rev. Wight and Jessie Jackson and Bill Ayers out of the White House?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can McCain Do It? Can He Win?

It has heartened me over the past few days to hear (or read) a number of Republican (and conservative) friends and blog-readers report their “good feeling” about this election, with a number expressing optimism about the outcome. They think John McCain could win this.
I’d always thought the polls exaggerated Obama’s support, but the real question is by how much.
There have been some signs of movement toward the Republican in the campaign’s closing days, particularly in the “swing” states. I have long believed the undecideds would break for McCain (as does Dick Morris). Some may well not be true undecideds, but just voters unwilling to come out against the candidate the media prefers.
Recall that in the Democratic primaries this past spring, the undecideds broke, in some cases by pretty hefty margins, against Obama

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Obama's First State Dinner

President and First Lady Obama’s First State Dinner after Taking Office Was an Evening to Be Remembered
President Obama and First Lady Michelle held their First Official State Dinner this evening after weeks of preparations. A special mention must be given the President’s Honor Guard for the careful and efficient transference using much care of the Presidential china and silverware without incident from the State Dinning Room to the Moorish Style Tent located on the front lawn. Miraculously only one incident befell these fine young men when they were informed (resulting in extreme embarrassment) to remove and return the silverware as none would be used. Instead they were to locate and deliver water bowls in which finger tips could be washed after each course.
The gardeners worked feverishly ripping up all the shrubs and bushes while filling in the holes and shredded grass with sand which created a lovely ambiance of home for the most favored guest from the Middle East.
Guests arrived to live background music. Loud speakers blared with “Memories” performed by Barbara Streisand from her perch outside the White House Iron Gate. The diva was allowed to entertain but could not attend any of the festivities since she was Jewish. Barbara Walters and Steven Spielberg were content to keep her company since they were left out as well. Everyone in attendance including crowds from across the street agreed that this rendition of “Memories” was the best ever by Babs.
Alec Baldwin, Chris Matthews, Keith Obermann (MSNBC had the only American news personalities allowed in the vicinity.), Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Oprah, Whoopi, and Joy Bayher were lined up patiently waiting their turn to be interviewed by Al Jazera who had exclusive rights to the event.
The formal introduction of each guest to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama was made by Vice-President Hillary Clinton.
The Five Honored International Guests arrived to the magnificent vocals of Mr. Stevie Wonder as he sang each country’s National Anthem while each guest was seated on their own imported Persian rug.
“Mr. Vladimir Putin…Russia,” (Stevie singing Russia’s National Anthem God Bring Back the Tsar.)
“Hugo Chavez…President Venezuela,” (Stevie singing Venezuela’s National Anthem Gloria al Bravo Pueblo.)
“Kim II-sung…President North Korea,” (Stevie singing North Korea’s National Anthem chium UN pinnara Kong an ungum e, Chowan do Kuduk on sanci Olli.)
“Fidel Castro’s Brother…Filling in as President of Cuba until Fidel dies,” (Stevie singing Cuba’s National Anthem El Himmo de Bay amo.)
“Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…President Iran,” (Stevie singing Iran’s National Anthem Soroud- e Mellie-e Jamhouri-e Eslami-e.)
After the introductions, welcoming speeches, and a prayer facing East… given by Reverend Wright a 13th century Islamic meal was served.
The Harvard Glee Club furnished a medley of Obama’s top ten hip hop and Hawaiian Island favorite songs. What a treat it was. The entire festivities were simu- cast to Obama’s 200,000 friends in Germany where they watched on twenty giant television screens cheering and singing “Hail to the Great One” along with the Harvard Glee Club.
As all the guests and attendees were leaving… “The Boss’s” (the talented Springsteen) new hit record ”Goodnight it is Midnight in the Oasis.” Played in the background, while Springsteen along side the two Barbara’s and Spielberg waved and cheered as the FIVE HONORED GUESTS PASSED BY.
An evening to be remembered as all the lights in the White House burned bright and shinny red forming a glow behind the tent as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spreading The Wealth Around.

Aw shucks give the poor guys sitting on the curb a few more of yours and my salary, they haven't had a beer all day! And after all you and I and our fanilies have more than enough, they all ate 3 time today. How much more do you need?Does anybody reall thing that because my Husband started out as a nobody and had almost nothing and he has worked his way up to get us a home and a good life style, that now he should have to "spread his wealth" because of lazy people in this country that would reather sit on their fat ass's and get hand-outs, from us and from you!!! Give me a break! That just ain't gonna happen Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Not if I can help it!
I remember when liberal meant being generous with your own money if and when you wanted to.
Barack Obama's choice of Joe Biden as his running mate prompted a small wave of warnings about Biden's propensity for gaffes. But no one imagined even in a worse-case scenario such a spectacular bomb as telling donors Sunday to "gird your loins" because a young president Obama will be tested by an international crisis just like young President John Kennedy was.

Scary? You betcha! But somehow, not front-page news.
Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
The most frustrating part of this is that McCain gets hammered for his judgement on picking SarahPalin for his Vice president but Barack Obama gets a Free pass for picking Joe Biden, a known gaffeateer, a real fool and a big idiot.
What's wrong with this picture?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Price For Speaking Out or So much for Free Speech

Yes, So much for Free Speech!
After Joe the Plumber voiced concern that Barack Obama’s tax policies would stifle the economy, he learned what Kathleen Willey learned during Bill Clinton’s reign in the 1990s: If you accuse a Democrat of wrongdoing or question their policies, you can count on your character being attacked in the mainstream media. You get your Tax Records made puplic, you may even face legal charges. Or your Cat may even wind-up dead...The Left is sponsoring a war on truth, and casualties in this war continue to be those brave enough to stand up against corruption and exercise the increasingly “fringe” right of freedom of speech.
I'm astounded that the left thinks they can get away with silencing at least 50% of the United States population. Seems to me they might want to wait a few decades until at least 75% of the population is leftist. Oh I forgot, in a few decades there won't be any leftists as they will have aborted the majority of their children and won't have a progeny to pass on their enlightened sensibilities.
Let us hope that Joe the Plumber keeps up the pressure. They have really pisseded off the wrong people this time .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell’s reasons for endorsing Barack Obama

Let us assume that Gen. Powell’s decision has nothing to do with race, something that I don't believe. I have no respect for this guy. I think that he is an opportunist of the highest degree. Powell's remarks to support his endorsement of Obama are flimsy. To say it was not related to race is nieve.
It's all so very simple - blacks will always support the black candidate, unless the black candidate is a conservative, in which case he's an Uncle Tom. And I suspect that Powell has had his fill of being called an Uncle Tom, so he's supporting Obama as a way to reinstate his black credentials, even if it means defiling the honor of his uniform in the process by voting for the candidate of the anti-military party. Powell is a disgrace. And it's all down to race.
His big mistake was when he spoke of Sarah Palin, and said that she was unready to be president. Well, is OBAMA?
Next question.

Perhaps the good General is more black than he is a patriot.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Palin, Joe The Plumber, and the Real Middleclass

Joe the Plumber represents all of us. When Obama and Joe Biden made fun of him, he made fun of us all. How dare we have dreams! How dare we make over $250,000. How dare we...!
After all we are the "Little people" The Real Middleclass!
Keep up the good work Joe. It is unfortunate that a hard working American has to have his every move scrutinized because he asks a legitimate question. The idea that the common man cannot speak out unless his views have been preapproved by the liberal elite is not what this country stands for.
Stand up for what you believe Joe, the "real" people of this country are behind you 100%.

Obama's lead slips to 3 points

Obama's lead over Republican John McCain in the presidential race has dropped to 3 points, according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Sunday. Obama leads McCain by 48 to 45 percent among likely U.S. voters, down 1 percentage point from Saturday. The four-day tracking poll, which has a margin of error of 2.9 points.
Could Sarah, talk radio, and Joe the Plumber be successfully in dragging McCain across the finish line? Lets hope so.
I think that it's still a horse race despite the pitiful MSM doing everything they can to get this socialist elected ...........

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Obama White House

This makes me think about how much Clinton 'lowered the bar' of decency, honor, and tolerance in his terms in office. Of course, all of the illegal and immoral goings on are usually accepted by the Left - if the abusers are Left. And, of course, we have the most Leftist media in the history of this country to help out our 'friends across the aisle'. Especially in getting the Socialist candidate, 0bama, elected with as little scrutiny as possible. But, Oh My Gosh, if Palin tries to fire someone for not disciplining some state cop for poor behavior and it's headlines for weeks. All lies, of course. Anyone that does not know how very important this election is and how much danger our country is in is simply not paying attention. I am amazed, daily, at the ignorance of 'intelligent people'. I tell people to search for ''Shadow Party'' ''George Soros'' on google to see the tip of the iceberg. The Left has labored long and hard. This is their time. We must be ready. If that sounds crazy then go back to sleep

Joe the Plumber, John McCain, and barack Obama

You may have noticed -- there was a lot of talk about Obama's tax increases and Joe the Plumber. Last weekend, Senator Obama showed up in Joe's driveway to ask for his vote, and Joe asked Obama a tough question. I'm glad he did; I think Senator Obama could use a few more tough questions. The response from Senator Obama and his campaign yesterday was to attack Joe
Can Joe Wurzelbacher, or as we know him, "Joe the Plumber" from Ohio, change the course of this campaign? Thats one question that was raised at the third presidential debate. Joe or Wurzelbacher is the man who confronts Barack Obama on his plan to raise taxes on people like him. Obama replies that he wants to spread the wealth around. In the third consecutive week in which the headlines of the financial crisis have prompted both candidates to denounce Wall Street greed, the image of those whom Obama would tax higher was suddenly not an investment banker but a plumber.
The conventional wisdom going into the final debate was that the financial meltdown has pretty much finished off John McCains campaign and has made an Obama victory inevitable. The polls -- not just the national tracking polls but those in critical states -- have supported this view unequivocally.
The Democratic Party entered this campaign year with impressive advantages that have been undercut by one surprising development after another -- the protracted and bitter contest for the Democratic nomination, the success of the surge strategy in Iraq, and the $4-a-gallon gasoline, the overgrandiosity of the Obama campaign.
Yet the narrow lead that John McCain had after the convention has vanished (if the tracking polls can be trusted and that's a BIG if!) precisely on the day that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson observed a coagulation of credit that threatened to bring down the economy and, in response, advanced their financial bailout/rescue package.
In the days that followed, voters seemed to be unnerved by McCains impulsiveness and reassured by Obamas calmness. In bad times we alway seem to want to throw the candidate of the in party out and put the candidate of the out party in.
It is obvious that the economic platform of neither candidate was fashioned with anything in mind quite like the situation the nation now faces. Obamas camp of economists, if they knew that we would be facing a recession with the potential of ripening into something more dire, would hardly have recommended raising taxes, even on the evil rich like the deposed Lehman Brothers CEO (a Democratic contributor) or Joe the Plumber (more inclined to Republicans). Nor would they have advocated, absent the demands of the unions which do so much to finance and man Democratic campaigns, opposing the Colombia Free Trade Agreement or renegotiating NAFTA.
The fact is that neither Obama nor McCain knows precisely what he would do upon taking office Jan. 20, and voters may sense that it is naive to expect they should.
Democratic spin artists have dismissed McCains attacks on Obama as distractions amid a possible economic disaster, and I suspect they will be proved right. Yet it remains the case that about half the voters have doubts about Obama.
I salute Joe the Plumber, whether he is licensed or not. (It's like the Democrats never heard of such a thing.) I thank him for smoking out that comment of the Would-Be Socialist King. I had a horrible conversation with an acquaintance yesterday, whom I asked why she was supporting Obama. "I am a dyed-in-the-wool liberal," she said. "Are you a socialist?" I asked. This is a woman from a family of some (though I don't know how much) wealth, a graduate of Madeira and one of the Seven Sisters. All this tells me is that she has unresolved feelings of guilt about the privileges she has enjoyed. I said that it was fine with me if she wanted to "spread the wealth" (as her candidate suggests) with her own money, but she shouldn't presume to spread mine for me. I can and will do that in the way I choose
Only time will tell.

Friday, October 17, 2008

"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."

I've had a terrible sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for weeks now about all of this and I wake up at night with this on my mind. Anxiety and insomnia are my constant companions and I haven't been able to overcome them for all the reasons put forth in this article. I keep telling myself that maybe Obama and his minions aren't as awful as I think they are and that their policies and politics won't be as destructive as depicted in my nightmares, but that niggling worry and anxiety remain. I know a couple who moved to the U.S. recently from Venezuela to get away from the anarchy and the policies of Hugo Chavez...and I worry that we will soon be living the Venezuelan experience, but we will have no place else to go. Vote, folks, as if your very way of life depends on it, because it does

Poor Joe the Plumber

It seems evident that the McCain campaign is going to go all Joe the Plumber, all the time. These insta-celebrities can get a very rough ride, especially if McCain’s use of him is effective. Liberal web sites will go for his jugular, and as we’ve seen with some monstrous bloggers and their willingness to say just about anything about Sarah Palin’s baby, Joe the Plumber may not have a prayer of surviving the next 20 days.
I would bet anything that he will be the laughing stock of Saturday night live this week. Poor Joe the Plumber

Why I am voting for the John Mccain ~Sarah Palin ticket.

I fail to see why 90% of black people vote for democrats when the dems have been using everything in their power to keep the poor in the ghetto.
They lie to the black community, and tell them the "rich white man" is their cruch in life. They help the fires of hate burn a little bit deeper and touch that core of history, keeping it alive, and then they capture those votes.
They lie to the black community, and tell them the "rich white man" is their cruch in life. They help the fires of hate burn a little bit deeper and touch that core of history, keeping it alive, and then they capture those votes.


Today I visited Hawaii, Second Life Hawaii. Hawaii was such a beautiful place. The things which attracted me the most was the varieties of flowers at the Hawaii Island. There were beautiful flowers such as Hibiscus, Anthurium, Lilies and even orchids of many varieties! The flowers and plants came in all sorts of species and colours. The scenery was breath-taking. I was captivated by the beauty of nature at this Hawaii Island.
Walking around Hawaii Island, I felt myself back to nature. I saw spaces for rental and even Hawaii homes for sale. What a beautiful place to live here. Staying at the beautiful apartment, one can enjoy the nature’s scenery — dolphin jumping, beach view, relaxation at the beach and coral reef exploration at the sea.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Barack Obama will be bad for America

Obama could have the best interests of the country at heart( though I doubt that ), but my single concern is his lack of any military experience and no Foreign Affairs knowledge.We are facing a crossroads where confrontation is a certainty, if not now in a few years.People do not understand that we are being engulfed and surrounded by countries who want nothing more than to see us humbled if not destroyed.We are NOT the dominant bad boys in town anymore. China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea, Venezuela/Brazil and middle east and soon, India. NATO is impotent and the U.N. has NO love for us. And even the EU is making itself known as anti-U.S..Obama would be seen as weak, inexperienced and WILL be tested, provoked, challenged and threatened..............not knowing what he would do, is to me, dangerous.

He will be taking the Middle class's paychecks and retirement and give it to the poor and illegal immigrants so they can live just as good as the middle class without contributing a dime or 1 hour worth's of honest work to the US economy.

We have always regarded him as a harmless liberal socialist, but he is far more treacherous than that. he is actually "anti-reality" . Instead of taking responsibility for his own life, behavior and actions,he blames everyone who has undersood and exposed him for what he is.

YES, he is bad for America. His decisions could very well be extremely biased for their country, not ours. And that's what I think and feel in my heart.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank God Someone Is Listening

Sarah Palin kept up the Republican ticket's attack on a community activist group that registers voters and cited an Ohio plumber's encounter with Democrat Barack Obama as indicative of his tax policies. Campaigning in one of the swing state's conservative strongholds, Palin said Obama hasn't been forthcoming about his ties to ACORN, the Association of Community Activists for Reform Now.
Pay careful attention to how Lefties slice a sentence. ''They are not an agent of this campaign'' is nowhere near the same as ''We have absolutely no connections, ties, or relationships with anyone in their organization. It's like Obie claiming his campaign ''was not launched in Bill Ayers' Living Room'' (thus excluding other places such as the den, the office, the kitchen or the veranda).
Keep it up Sarah!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I WIll Vote for John McCain

McCain is a man who has been tested and came out the other side with a deep and abiding love for America and a strong belief in the decency, faith, goodness of her people.
I cannot say the same for Obama.
I'm a formerly resigned, now enthusiastic McCain/Palin supporter, too. What can I say? A woman smeared with moose blood up to her elbows does it for me!

Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life It's a Personal Choice.

This proposed law is bad:
Inspired by recent changes on the U.S. Supreme Court, a Republican lawmaker filed anti-abortion legislation That would criminalize the practice except to save the mother's life or in rape and incest cases.

I am pro-choice because I believe in a woman's right to choose. I would not have an abortion myself but I do not look down on others who would. Nobody knows what one person is going through, there could be a lot of reasons why someone would need an abortion and even if there isn't a good reason it should still be their choice. The only person who is in the position to decide if going through with a pregnancy is right is the mother.
Saying you are pro-choice and with the next breath saying you would never get an abortion is shaming those who have.
I hate that. “I’m pro-choice, but I would never get an abortion.” Or, “I’m pro-choice, but I would never want my girlfriend to have an abortion.” Or, “Abortion is never a good thing, but we need to protect a woman’s right to choose.”
In my opinion, it IS a womens right to choose.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who is the real Barack Obama?

As a POW and as a powerful independent figure in Washington, Sen. McCain has proven his loyalty to the American people. Barack Obama, in contrast, did not come clean when first confronted with accusations that he was unusually close to Bill Ayers - a self-admitted domestic terrorist. Barack said they were only “neighbors.” This answer was as phony as Obama’s foreign policy experience. Bill Ayers helped launch Obama’s political career for a very obvious reason - they share the same hateful, anti-American ideology which says the U.S. is a racist and exploitive nation. I’d rather have a real patriot in the Oval office.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Apparently, in Oprah?s view, instructing the general public on what books to buy, what diets to try, what movies to watch, and what cars to drive, pales in comparison to telling people what candidate to vote for; namely, Mr. Obama.
Over the past 20 years, Oprah?s morphed from everyone?s favorite sister - with the self deprecating wit and the boyfriend who won?t commit - to everyone?s overbearing mother - complete with an endless list of your current shortcomings, and dopey advice for your love life. I guess being the self-elected spokeswoman for all women - and a billionaire - just isn?t as fulfilling as one would think. Having the Queen of All Media explain why I should vote for ?any? candidate is like having the Queen of England give me housecleaning tips; it?s unwanted and unappreciated advice from the uninformed.
Only in America, could someone like Oprah reach the apex of financial success and cultural clout - where her very name becomes a brand - without being born into royalty, never-mind poverty. It?s more than a little disingenuous to suggest that Oprah?s the victim -or victor- of anything other than a lazy public, who like affable women with weight issues and boyfriends who refuse to pop the question. She?s like Barbara Streisand in her Jon Peters phase.
If Oprah reminds everyone of their favorite girlfriend, then Hillary reminds you of your worst lover. She was impossible to ignore when you first met her -and impossible to get rid of once you did. She?s like my morning martini: strong, chilled and bitter. If Streisand can rework the lyrics of ?Happy Days are Here Again? to something that includes free health care, higher taxes and Bill Clinton in the Lincoln bedroom - it just might get some air play on NPR.
As wacky as these endorsements are, Vera?s still reeling over Sean Penn endorsing Mr. Kucinich. As if once being married to Madonna isn?t enough material for a lifetime of jokes and snickering, Mr. Penn now has a fetish for dwarfs and dictators. Apparently leaky boats and lazy thinking have turned Mr. Penn from acting foolish into a foolish actor. I was actually betting he was going to endorse Hugo Chavez, but I think Danny Glover beat him to it.
Personally, I?m waiting to see who Liza Minelli endorses - only because I'm curious what the prescription drug benefit would consist of?.