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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sometimes a joke is just a joke.

In regard to the Nancy Reagan comment during Pres-Elect Obama’s first news conference.
Obamas joke didnt bother me at all except it would have been funnier if he got his punchline right; Nancy was into astrology, Hillary was the one that was seancing with Elanor Roosevelt.
Although the remark was classless and snide (in other words, normal for Obama), I’m not inclined to give him grief over it. I’ll save it for when he and the Democrats really start screwing the country.
Oh, wait, they already did that when they brought us the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
I thought Obama was going to be the President of all of us, bring us all together, usher in a new era, new understanding, quit the old politics of division, change the way things are done. But right away he attacks old people, attacks a Republican first lady, attacks people who favor astrologists, people who believe in other wordly things. He’s such a liar. Such a divider. So full of BS. I’m so dissappointed. Why doesn’t he resign so we can really move on. He can use this opportunity to show us how it is done. Make a blunder, resign. Show some leadership. I for one am becoming sick of him already.
But sometimes a joke is just a joke.

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