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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Republicans Prepare for 'Goal-Line Stand

I'm sorry but I'm mad. I blame every American voter who put the Dems in charge of everything. The White House, the House and the Senate--all in control of the Dems. Look what you have brought to us! Are you happy now, Independents? Are you happy now, "Moderate" Republicans that preferred to sit at home rather than vote for John McCain?

Just wait, because Obama promises it will get even better. He wouldn't rule out using "Slaughterhouse" rules for other bills that he wants passed. He can say that because it is clear that he controls Congress! Checks and balances are gone! So get ready for Cap and Trade, Card Check, and any other insane notion the Dems can come up with. If they get away with it for healthcare, everything else will come flooding in.
There is nothing in Obama's past that makes us think he knows what he is doing and we should trust him. In fact, the reverse is true: he was a junior senator whose constitutional qualification to serve is still in doubt because every time someone sues him for his birth records, he sends his lawyers out not to disclose the documents, but to fight disclosure. That's insane. Nobody does that.
From Rev Wright to self-proclaimed communist terrorist Bill Ayres (and his wife who was a convicted terrorist and spent time in prison) to a whole host of others, his background is one of a person who has an extremely unsettling past
So to the people who voted for Obama and now regret it, do your penance, admit that you made a mistake and get to Washington DC and join the other patriots! That's the least you can do for putting this insane idiot into the White House.
God Bless the American citizenry who stand against this monstrosity! Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and Independent. Representatives and Citizens alike. Are you with us? Write and Call you senators ....and don’t stop praying.

I prayed so hard last night I gave myself hotflashes and I am not kidding. We must all put our spiritual backs into it so to speak. We have done all that we can humanly. Now it is in our Creator's hands.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obama to address report on terror attack

Obama's first response was to say nothing, just keep on body surfing and hitting the links. He knew the State Runs would twiddle their thumbs, look the other way, and tell us breathlessly what the First Wookie was wearing, and how they were (in a weirdly improbable image) all sitting around singing Christmas carols-- presumably in their bathing suits.

But the internet was buzzing, including this site, with news about the father reporting his son to US authorities, the kid buying a one-way ticket with cash, having no passport, etc etc etc.
His speeches are all starting to blur together....and I'm not listening! His presence before a teleprompter is not reassuring. The USA realized back in November 2008, we are on our own....this explains the huge leap in buying guns and ammunition. We will, if we are not already, become a nation of Beamers.....I say, let's roll.
Bottom line: Obama and the State Runs cannot control the news. Continuing to try now only makes them look increasingly foolish.