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Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I WIll Vote for John McCain

McCain is a man who has been tested and came out the other side with a deep and abiding love for America and a strong belief in the decency, faith, goodness of her people.
I cannot say the same for Obama.
I'm a formerly resigned, now enthusiastic McCain/Palin supporter, too. What can I say? A woman smeared with moose blood up to her elbows does it for me!

Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life It's a Personal Choice.

This proposed law is bad:
Inspired by recent changes on the U.S. Supreme Court, a Republican lawmaker filed anti-abortion legislation That would criminalize the practice except to save the mother's life or in rape and incest cases.

I am pro-choice because I believe in a woman's right to choose. I would not have an abortion myself but I do not look down on others who would. Nobody knows what one person is going through, there could be a lot of reasons why someone would need an abortion and even if there isn't a good reason it should still be their choice. The only person who is in the position to decide if going through with a pregnancy is right is the mother.
Saying you are pro-choice and with the next breath saying you would never get an abortion is shaming those who have.
I hate that. “I’m pro-choice, but I would never get an abortion.” Or, “I’m pro-choice, but I would never want my girlfriend to have an abortion.” Or, “Abortion is never a good thing, but we need to protect a woman’s right to choose.”
In my opinion, it IS a womens right to choose.