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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Charlie Rangel, the House Ways and Means Committee chairman with tax problems of his own.

Congressman Rangel should have stepped down as soon as he was exposed for his participation in the non-stop corruption that has become a way of life for members of all parties in our Congress. It is disgusting, not just disheartening, that such a non-stop cheating goes on and on.. They should get all these cheaters out at once! Get Gneither out! Clean the whole house get Dodd out for cheating, of course old Biden took money too, Barney Frank out for lying about the loans, and one of the biggest cheats a hypocrites is Charlie Rangel. Rangel has failed to report hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of personal financial transactions on his annual disclosure forms. Assets worth between $239,026 and $831,000.
This clown needs to be thrown out like yesterday dirty wash water. If the Dem's continue to back Charley they are complicit in his underhanded deals. He should voluntarily step down as Daschle did because his sins are more onerous than just being a tax crook, he's a sleaze bag and a liar and I would scream that at the top of my lungs directly to his face

Rangel is a joke! The guy is so freaking crooked its not funny. Its such an embarrassment to this so called Administration of Change that almost every single Democrat Obama has selected has issues with paying there taxes. And nearly all of them are hypocrites. Its all right for them to tell us or preach to us about paying our taxes, but its clear from the vetting process from the Obama administration that Democrats don't pay there taxes. That Democrats are above all of this when it comes to paying taxes. Chucky Rangel has to be one of the biggest hpyocrite in Washington. But the thing is so many Congressman and Senators are crooked that its hard for them to "remove one of there own" because they might turn on them. And yes am sure that there are some Republican Senators and Congressmans who are just as bad. But Rangel has to go! If Obama was "all that" he would tell his House and Senate Democrats to remove Rangel now! But Obama is weak and a coward to boot!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Are You As Tired Of Obama Already As I Am?

Barack Hussein Obama pronounced /bəˈrɑːk hʊˈseɪn oʊˈbɑːmə, other wise known as the second coming of the Lord himself and is the messiah to the Democratic party. He arrived on the scene with his mantra of Hope and Change and millions of people lined up to get a drink of his Kool Aid. Barack Hussein Obama promised everyone that, if elected, his administration would bring change to Washington and that there would be no more of the business as usual and that he would Change Washington like it has never been Changed before..

Barack Hussein Obama served us that Kool-aide for about 2 years telling us over and over again that we needed to bring change to Washington and that he was going to bring that to us... And that the same old ways would not work and now he is saying that it would be foolish who had no experience in Washington. Sometimes, out of the mouths of babes comes a nugget of wisdom. While the left is upset that Barack Hussein Obama is not bringing change they are ignoring the fact that he called them all fools. Why? Because the so called Change was not a Change in the least. Not even close. In fact it was the same old, same old. All of the old Clinton's are back! Yes, Their Back! With Hillary in the top slot.

He said that it would be foolish to pick people who had no experience in Washington. Barack Hussein Obama has been in office now for less than 2 weeks and and done nothing but create havaic.
He said he would be foolish, at such a “critical time in our history”, to pick people who “had no experience in Washington whatsoever”.” I agree with the new President that’s why I voted for McCain.
And believe me when I say that I am sick and tired of Barack Hussein Obama already.. I’m sick and tired tired of hearing about the limited edition commemorative plate and the specially minted collector’s coin, the tee shirts, the magizines, what school his children will go to, and what church the Obama’s will probably attend. I’m tired of the media rushing to get his interview. We don’t need to know how he feels about the college football bowl games or his stance on the Victoria Secret special. And I don’t need an Obama bobble head. And about how History was made by his being elected.
Obama will make Bush look like Einstein soon. He and his stupid crew of crooks and tax cheats are Marxist’s, Yes, Marxists’s Marxism is the political philosophy and practice derived from the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marxism holds at its core a critical analysis of capitalism and a theory of social change. Get a grip people, Youve been Obamanized.
Enough is enough already im sick to death about hearing about OBAMA .