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Monday, November 10, 2008

Remember Our Veterans.

Despite our new president elect, we as citizens must continue to show our thanks and appreciation to our fighting men and women.We owe them so much, the choose to serve us the people, not the president. Though I am sure we will see a drop in enlistment and reenlistment in the next four years.
Unfortunately, with the election of Obama/Biden, I think those veterans and military personnel are going to see less of that, less honor for their service, less empathy for their sacrafice… and we need look no farther this week than uber-liberal, fellow-leftie, anti-military Phil Donahue and his wing of the Democrat Party for what’s likely in store… it’ll begin with trumpeting the failures of America, the horrific impact of war on 1-2 soldiers and then lead to indicting the soldiers and brass who prosecuted the WOT.
We’ll be transported back to the post-VietNam days and guys like Bill Ayers and Phil Donahue will be high-fiving the Commander in Chief and Jane Fonda will be sacked out in the Lincoln bedroom. It’s a topsy-turvey world.

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