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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spreading The Wealth Around.

Aw shucks give the poor guys sitting on the curb a few more of yours and my salary, they haven't had a beer all day! And after all you and I and our fanilies have more than enough, they all ate 3 time today. How much more do you need?Does anybody reall thing that because my Husband started out as a nobody and had almost nothing and he has worked his way up to get us a home and a good life style, that now he should have to "spread his wealth" because of lazy people in this country that would reather sit on their fat ass's and get hand-outs, from us and from you!!! Give me a break! That just ain't gonna happen Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Not if I can help it!
I remember when liberal meant being generous with your own money if and when you wanted to.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

shakes head...

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day and make him dependent; teach him how to fish for himself, and you feed him for life, making him independent and a contributing member of society rather than a drain on resources.

There are those who can't fend for themselves; and they should be looked after with compassion; but the rest of them just need to quit bellyaching and get to working!

RepublicanGirl said...

Amen to that Wordsmith

Anonymous said...

The concept of wealth redistribution is so patently unfair and inane, it causes me to clinch my teeth. So much so, in fact, I may require a dentist before Election Day.

There is a parallel discussion at Golly Geeeez. You may forgive me for repeating some of my comment there, but it is still relevant.

One (communist) left this comment: “. . . government can be made an instrument of our collective prosperity.

It is a true statement, but government already is an instrument. It’s called public education. It is called equal opportunity. It is called “fairness in lending.” And I could possibly go on ad nauseum about all the things our nation provides to its people to help ensure “collective prosperity.” But I should possibly end with this one: Freedom of choice.

We all have the right to achieve an education thanks to the “collective” efforts of taxpayers. Collective, by the way, suggests “involuntary,” but that’s another topic. In fact, public school attendance is mandatory in most states through the age of 18. Considering the drop out rate among public high school students, it would seem that people are exercising their freedom of choice more than they take advantage of “opportunity.” And once they make a poor decision, what then? The beauty of our country is that availability of education — adult education programs — continues long into the future. We can, therefore, always go back and finish our education.

The fact is that jobs are hard to find even among well-educated persons. Uneducated people are by definition relegated to low-wages and the kind of work that provides the least amount of satisfaction. Whose fault is that, again? And so we find that it is not enough for this country to pour BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars into public education that 30% or more of the students are not interested in, now we also suggest that it is fair to take money away from hard-working people, and provide those funds to people who decided “education isn’t my thing, dude.”

Honestly, it is the most convoluted thinking imaginable. Not surprising, only exasperating. Punish the masses for the sins of the few. What should we consider next, after income redistribution, collective farming? Sounds Stalinist to me.

Semper Fi

Toad734 said...

Ya but if Republicans had your way your Husband, on his way to owning his own business, would have raised his taxes and reduced taxes even more on the wealthy.

And if the wealthy are the ones getting my tax money in the form of subsidies, bailouts, military contracts etc. they owe us!

Anonymous said...

Mr Toad, I'd MUCH rather give MY tax dollars to military contracts then to lazy Crack Heads.

WomanHonorThyself said...

wer'e all Joe the plumber and they want our hard earned money..I dont think so!

Joe said...

It galls me that there are people who really believe that the American Dream is a handout from the rest of Americans.

In my world it means the opportunity to work your buns off to accomplish great things.

I have a friend who is wheel chair bound who has worked hard and has saved enough to buy a home, drive a specially equipped car and make significant contributions to society. And all that without one dollar of government help.

He is America!