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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Obama's First State Dinner

President and First Lady Obama’s First State Dinner after Taking Office Was an Evening to Be Remembered
President Obama and First Lady Michelle held their First Official State Dinner this evening after weeks of preparations. A special mention must be given the President’s Honor Guard for the careful and efficient transference using much care of the Presidential china and silverware without incident from the State Dinning Room to the Moorish Style Tent located on the front lawn. Miraculously only one incident befell these fine young men when they were informed (resulting in extreme embarrassment) to remove and return the silverware as none would be used. Instead they were to locate and deliver water bowls in which finger tips could be washed after each course.
The gardeners worked feverishly ripping up all the shrubs and bushes while filling in the holes and shredded grass with sand which created a lovely ambiance of home for the most favored guest from the Middle East.
Guests arrived to live background music. Loud speakers blared with “Memories” performed by Barbara Streisand from her perch outside the White House Iron Gate. The diva was allowed to entertain but could not attend any of the festivities since she was Jewish. Barbara Walters and Steven Spielberg were content to keep her company since they were left out as well. Everyone in attendance including crowds from across the street agreed that this rendition of “Memories” was the best ever by Babs.
Alec Baldwin, Chris Matthews, Keith Obermann (MSNBC had the only American news personalities allowed in the vicinity.), Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Oprah, Whoopi, and Joy Bayher were lined up patiently waiting their turn to be interviewed by Al Jazera who had exclusive rights to the event.
The formal introduction of each guest to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama was made by Vice-President Hillary Clinton.
The Five Honored International Guests arrived to the magnificent vocals of Mr. Stevie Wonder as he sang each country’s National Anthem while each guest was seated on their own imported Persian rug.
“Mr. Vladimir Putin…Russia,” (Stevie singing Russia’s National Anthem God Bring Back the Tsar.)
“Hugo Chavez…President Venezuela,” (Stevie singing Venezuela’s National Anthem Gloria al Bravo Pueblo.)
“Kim II-sung…President North Korea,” (Stevie singing North Korea’s National Anthem chium UN pinnara Kong an ungum e, Chowan do Kuduk on sanci Olli.)
“Fidel Castro’s Brother…Filling in as President of Cuba until Fidel dies,” (Stevie singing Cuba’s National Anthem El Himmo de Bay amo.)
“Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…President Iran,” (Stevie singing Iran’s National Anthem Soroud- e Mellie-e Jamhouri-e Eslami-e.)
After the introductions, welcoming speeches, and a prayer facing East… given by Reverend Wright a 13th century Islamic meal was served.
The Harvard Glee Club furnished a medley of Obama’s top ten hip hop and Hawaiian Island favorite songs. What a treat it was. The entire festivities were simu- cast to Obama’s 200,000 friends in Germany where they watched on twenty giant television screens cheering and singing “Hail to the Great One” along with the Harvard Glee Club.
As all the guests and attendees were leaving… “The Boss’s” (the talented Springsteen) new hit record ”Goodnight it is Midnight in the Oasis.” Played in the background, while Springsteen along side the two Barbara’s and Spielberg waved and cheered as the FIVE HONORED GUESTS PASSED BY.
An evening to be remembered as all the lights in the White House burned bright and shinny red forming a glow behind the tent as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue


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This is really great, I'm going to steal it and post it on my blog....with giving YOU credit for it of coures.

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as I said on DD2's blog...

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