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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We are broke - and Obama wants to continue spending like he's deranged .

Angered by White House decisions on everything from Green House Gas to Car Dealerships, congressional Democrats from rural districts are threatening to revolt against parts of President Barack Obama’s ambitious first-year agenda.

“They don’t get rural America,” said Rep Dennis Cardoza, a Democrat who represents California’s agriculture-rich Central Valley. “They form their views of the world in large cities.”

Cardoza’s critique was aimed at Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency, but it echoes complaints rural-district Democrats have about a number of Obama administration decisions.

What we have here folks...Is a Marxist/Socialist President with a team of left wing socialist. I certainly hope the conservaDems grow in numbers and add some wisdom and common sense to this amateur and weak administration. Hopefully people like Evan Bayh will speak up more often. True leaders, unlike Obama, don't have to sit on the sidelines biting their fingernails about revolution opportunity in Iran. Stop being such a wuss Obama - you know and Iran knows Ahmadinejad is our enemy so stop trying to be so semantical and careful with your girlish words regarding who you support. (As if he Ahmadinejad will be nicer to us if he ends up winning and we were only moderately supportive of his opposition.) The jig is up Barry - they know you support the opposition so be a leader and really support the opposition or be condemned to limp wristed Carterville for evermore if the opposition loses because you need to constantly check popularity polls before you know what to believe in.


bluepitbull said...

I just heard a comment on Fox News from some regualtor gov type that said that the market shouldn't be at the mercy of a few super-geniuses.

Essentially, that means that exceptionalism is what killed the economy. I don't see this as true. The market was artificially inflated for years. As soon as it started to seek it's own level, the dems saw this as a chance for what Rahm Emmanuel called a 'crisis'. This caused them to react with spending instead of letting the market even itself.

RightKlik said...

It's easy to think about what Obama would be doing if he had America's interest at heart. When we ask ourselves why he's doing this or that, we tend to assume that America's interests are somewhere on his list of priorities.

He was elected to serve us, was he not?

We tend to assume that Obama values freedom and liberty like we do. But he doesn't. And his list of priorities doesn't appear to include America's best interests. Obama is interested in what is good for Obama...and little else.

Is there any evidence to the contrary?

Dante d'Amore said...

I enjoyed following you over the past several weeks.

Best of luck,